As a tribute to one of my all time heroes Ansel Adams, I have been working on a collection of classic black and white prints which are largely inspired by Adams’ work.


Adams was and still is one of the greatest photographic artists that ever lived. Specialising in black and white film photography, Ansel Adams was not only a gifted artist but also had a real understanding of the technical side of photography. The camera, film, paper and darkroom were his playground. It was Adams that pioneered the dynamic method of controlling contrast, termed the ‘zone system’. This revolutionised black and white photography forever.

Making use of Adams’ tried and tested method; I set out to capture a series of images that would do my mentor proud. I have recently added more artworks to my existing 5 prints, it is a continuous project. On printing for the gallery I decided to print very large. Generally black and white photography, due to its simplicity can take on enlargement without becoming too busy. It is for this reason that I believe black and white prints translate so well into interior décor.  

Making a print will reveal technically how well the photograph was taken and processed, What I am trying to emphasise is that one can get away with certain technicalities when a picture is in digital format, however when one goes to print it is an entirely different story. It is like someone removing a mask, their true identity is revealed. This is especially true when enlarging a print, any errors will show up. It is for this reason that I have worked with absolute care when shooting and printing these images.


I nervously collected my first two prints from the print maker, but thankfully I was delighted with the outcome. To stay with a classic style I framed them in a black natural wood frame (see below) and then simply floated the print in a deep sunk box.
Hope you enjoy.




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