Rhythmus is a new abstract portfolio of prints that I have just released; seven multiple frames exposed in camera, one on top of the other, to achieve an impressionistic look. This technique is brilliant for creating wonderful pieces suitable for interior decoration. I discovered this technique completely by accident a couple of years back, while away shooting landscapes on the West Coast. I had shot a series entitled "West Coast Mood" using a similar technique, where quite by accident; I had set the camera to record nine exposures on top of one another. On that morning I was messing around with the technique while waiting for the light and just loved the way the exposures combined when being misaligned on purpose. Funny, just recently I did an interview on the Canon Professional Network CPN about this very topic.  The article "Making a difference" deals with unusual camera techniques, embracing mistakes to create interesting photographs.
A fortnight ago I was in Ashton on a farm shooting for the Abandoned collection [Watch video]. One morning the light was a little bright and not ideal, so I decided to go for a walk around the farm to look for possible subjects and compositions. Just for fun, I decided to try and photograph a grove of trees using the same multiple exposure technique as I had used a few years back, but this time shooting straight into the sun. To change things a bit I decided on seven exposures, I threw focus on two of them and photographed a completely different subject with texture on the last frame. I found the result to be completely captivating, but difficult to repeat. Needless to say I spent the rest of the morning and most of the following day shooting these five pictures. The sixth one was added a week ago, near Kirstenbosch gardens in Cape Town, under similar lighting conditions.
Garry Winogrand, an American photographer said, "I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed." It may sound like a completely obscured statement, but in truth this is the very appeal behind photography. Due to exposure, contrast, depth, distortion, compression and colour, the camera alters reality beautifully and in my opinion the more it alters things, the more interesting things become. So Garry, Yes! I agree with your statement, but would like to add to it if I may. Try to photograph the same scene over and over on the one frame, exercise some creative freedom and you will see how impressionistic that something becomes.
I am really happy with the colour, mood and overall feel of this print collection. Needless to say the ultimate test will be seeing them on a wall and ultimately the public's response to them in the gallery.


Enjoy... Martin




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