'Abandoned No.23'

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Limited edition (35) prints

Only TEN prints released

Signed and embossed, on Hahnemuhle Museum Etching fine art paper

Sizes available: 60 x 84 cm (Including border) | 90 x 110 cm (Including border)



"Finding exciting subjects is the easier challenge in this project," says Martin "having to wait for suitable weather before being able to shoot is the other." This explains why only twenty six images have been captured in eight years. "I am in no rush," Martin remarks "it is not about quantity."

Since the inception of the gallery in 2010, we have always had prints from this series on display. The gallery wouldn't feel the same without them.

Featured above is ABANDONED #23, which is currently on show in the gallery. Martin laughs, "Sometimes you have to go seeking for them and then, like this one of the old petrol pump, you just happen to stumble upon it!" "On the day I saw a washing line filled with white sheets in the distance, but when I came around the corner I bumped straight into the petrol pump. What a surprise! Needless to say I lost all interest in the washing line." Because there was not much cloud cover, Martin decided to shoot directly into the sun to help create some drama in the photograph. He portrayed the pump like an old actor on stage spotlit by the sun.

Watch a video on the Abandoned Collection. CLICK HERE.



Format: Horizontal
Size: 80cm width, 110cm width
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